Solution: Walmart Gift Card says Invalid

What do you do when your Walmart Visa gift card says invalid? There are times when you enter the correct Walmart card code and you get  “The gift card number and PIN you entered do not match. Please try again.” error. Don’t panic, You can call the number on the back of the card for immediate assistance or you wait

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Solution: Steam Wallet Code is Invalid

If you’re reading this, then your steam gift card is showing that the steam wallet code is invalid. Here is a simple solution. Steam gift cards have to be scanned during purchase to be activated. If the card wasn’t scanned when you purchased it, you will get the error “Steam wallet code invalid”. If you bought the card yourself, go

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With the popularity of digital currency, Nigeria knew she had no exception. However, the rate at which individuals and organizations are also seeking easy means of payment led to the introduction of e-Naira in Nigeria. This Nigerian cryptocurrency now serves as a medium of exchange and value storage. It also offers better payment when compared to cash. This digital currency

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